Treadmills and Marijuana

The wonderful benefits if using a treadmill have been well recorded for quite a few decades today. Most of us learn about how thickly are successfully and widely used to help people lose weight, lower blood pressure and strengthen one’s heart. But that does not mean more surprises won’t come together with relation to what a treadmill could perform for you.

New Study
Most people probably haven’t found out about a study researching the use of treadmills to reduce cravings such as marijuana. This specific study arrived of Vanderbilt University.

The Treadmill/Marijuana Study
The investigators used twelve participants. In order to take part in the study someone needed to be a daily user of marijuana, and needed to be completely disinterested in giving it up and sometimes even diminishing use. I have found that people who choose to smoke it are not engaged in an internal fight to cut or give this up like cigarette smokers often are. I just mention as a way of observing it was probably pretty simple to discover participants.

Link Between the Analysis
All of the participants exercised on a treadmill seven times for sessions which ranged between ten to thirty minutes over a time span of two days.

The normal quantity of marijuana smoked had been around six joints each day. The researchers made a treadmill workout for each individual, based on each one’s current state of conditioning. They designed the workouts so that all participant achieved sixty to seventy per cent of their high heart rate during the treadmill exercise session.

Nearly all of the decrease occurred from the very first week of exercising.

While it is highly improbable that pot smokers are going to run out and purchase a treadmill to cut back their plan for marijuana, this discovery is very effective to anyone who needs to”start stopping.” This could be because of labor restrictions, or just because a person decides that they need to quit.

If running on a treadmill can reduce marijuana use in someone who doesn’t want to quit or doesn’t want to cut back their intake, then imagine just how useful it would be for some one who did decide to stopa drugfree, completely healthy means to help your self achieve it.

I wonder if it works with nicotine and nicotine dependence. Why not one of you cigarette smokers jump onto a treadmill and decide to try it and let us know?

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